32nd 2019 Speed Nationals (Steel Challenge)


Friday 1st – Sunday 3rd March

Over the weekend Whangarei Pistol Club has 6 shooters at New Plymouth Pistol Club, 3 very hot day’s “some hot shooting”.
About 150 Matches shot over the weekend, WPC shot a total
of 16 matches,
5 in .22 Pistol, 5 in .22 Rifle, 4 in PC Carbine, 1 in Limited,1 in Open. We come home with a hand full of medals listed by the shooter,

Chris S
3rd Open B grade, 1st Limited Super Senior, 2nd Limited overall
Nathan J
1st .22 Rifle D grade, 1st PCC D grade, 2nd PCC Junior, 3rd .22 Pistol Junior
Barry J
2nd .22 Rifle C grade
Alex J
2nd .22 Pistol Junior, 3rd PCC Junior, 3rd PCC D grade
Russell D
3rd .22 Pistol A grade
has gone from upgraded to A grade in .22 Rifle and .22 Pistol in his 1st event
Cary W

2nd PCC Senior, 2nd .22 Rifle Senior, 2nd .22 Pistol Senior, 2nd .22 Pistol B grade
2nd PCC B grade

Hope to see some more have a go at the 33rd
Speed Nationals (Steel Challenge)