Cowley cup 2018

We have just shot the 24th  Cowley cup in fine weather with a total of 20 shooters.

The winner of the Cowley Cup Reuben Archer was  from Whangarei pistol Club
 with a score of 1720 95X In Marksman

Big thanks to Wayne & Bev Cowley for their support.


Full Results

2018 Cowley Cup Results

High Master/ Overall
1st Karl Piper 1916-165x
2nd Tiffany Piper 1897-153x
3rd Richard Munt 1890-147x

1st Murray Steedman 1887-127x
2nd Chris Ackerman 1859-116x
3rd Roger Parris 1854-118x

1st Lou Vugts 1846-112x
2nd Dean Blake 1805-108x
3rd Brett Rennie 1771-92x

1st Tony Gilling 1513-66x

1st Reuben Archer 1720-95x
2nd Leanne Robinson 1518-65x
3rd Gerald Nobes 1507-60x

The Cowley Cup for 2018 was awarded to the Marksman Grade, so congratulations to Reuben Archer, on achieving this.
Next year (2019) the Cup will be awarded to the High Master grade.
Congratulations to both Lou Vugts (Expert Grade) and Reuben Archer (Marksman Grade) on achieving a grade break.
Both shooters will be shooting their next Action Pistol contest, a grade higher.